About Marbiss

  • Welcome to the Marbiss website.
  • Since its establishment in 1997, Marbiss started the agent business for the European principals’ products to be supplied to Korean shipbuilders.
  • Now, we are doing sales business actively for the products of nine European principals as well as the products PnC TECH BUSAN is manufacturing, which is Marbiss’s subsidiary, to the Korean shipbuilders.
  • Marbiss has been working with Korean shipbuilding companies which are the world's No. 1 with a long history. Therefore we are confident that Marbiss has a high-level of understanding on the system and products which are needed when building various types of vessels.

    Marbiss also has lots of sales and manufacturing experiences for many years, so we are fully prepared to provide not only the best sales performance but also offer the proper technical back-up.

    In addition, our subsidiary company, PnC TECH BUSAN has sufficient factory space, so that we are able to maintain stocks and do assembly operations efficiently in house.
  • Sincerely thank you again for your visiting to our website. With our experience and know-how, all the Marbiss employees will make every possible effort to make a remarkable achievement. If you need more information about our product, please contact us. We will do our best to satisfy your inquiry.
  • Thank you.